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The Archeodoxa team discovered a major key to decoding myths around the world. The Milky Way played an important role in ancient myths across multiple civilizations. Together, we will discover and unravel the mysteries of the stories told in the stars.

The Milky Way in ancient myths

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The alignments of Carnac are one of the greatest puzzles of archeology. After studying the theory of the atrophist André Maucherat, Archéodoxa recognized the solidity of the idea. After a collaboration with this scientist, we undertook to develop documentaries and animations to make known this discovery.

Decoding the mystery of Carnac:

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The myths of the whole world stem from a common source going back to prehistory. Historians and mythographers have failed to solve this mystery. For nearly 25 years, Archeodoxa researchers have been studying archaeoastronomy and ancient languages to bring new light. To decode ancient beliefs and religions, we must recognize the relationship between the stories of deluge and those of the creation myths.

Ancient Languages - History of a Flood