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Theo - Mitra

The Archeodoxa Team was working on the mythologies relating to the Milky Way.


On March 4, 2020 we did a very surprising discovery:


Between stars of great magnitude there are lines and angular distances indicating how to find:

• The 2 poles of the ecliptic

• And the ecliptic line.


In astronomy these are 3 elements difficult to determine in our starry sky.


It takes a minimum of one year of observation. And several more years to recheck its results.


It is even more confusing to see that it is ancient universal myths which have transmitted its formulas to us.

Below is a sky map in cylindrical projection seen from the earth. The spoiler axis is that of the ecliptic, so the center line is the ecliptic. The upper and lower ends correspond respectively to the north pole and south pole of the ecliptic.